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Awesome article about social media. No one could have said it better


I love this video! I think you have to laugh a lot (even at yourself). I have had sponsored posts, but I thought my author page was more a support page than a fan page. Maybe this explains why a couple of my “friends” declined the invitation. They must have thought I was asking for worship. I don’t mind anyone’s humble brags either. It’s fun to celebrate another’s joy. Even the mini vents are okay if they are, in fact, mini, and not another sanctimonious rant.

Facebook is a double-edged sword, though, and my least favorite of the networking sites. For one thing, the people I am closest to either don’t have a Facebook account or don’t spend much time on Facebook. I don’t blame them.

Yes, I know, it’s free. No one’s forcing you to sign up or to have it as part of your platform. Although marketing experts…

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Chapter Excerpt-Living in the Lap of Luxury

You have got to read this dehumanising story

"Inside the Forbidden Outside" by Sonni Quick with Jamie Cummings

Chapter excerpt 

Living in the lap of Luxury

“Damn, I have dark circles under my eyes.” Jamie said under his breath as he stood at the stainless steel sink, trying to look at himself from side to side in the stainless steel mirror. He ran his tongue over the tooth that chipped when he fell off his bunk one night when he was having another seizure. Damn seizures. Never knew when they were going to hit. The only thing he knew for sure was knowing he was going to have another one. Had them all his life, from the minute he was born. He was born having a seizure. When he was twelve he had laser surgery on his brain to try to stop some of the bleeding. It helped but it didn’t stop them. Stress didn’t help. Neither did heat. But most times they hit him out of the…

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There is Much We Take For Granted, Being Free

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

Sonni’s note: So often when I reread his letters it is like I’m reading them for the first time. Never in my life have exchanged hundreds of letters with one person continually over a span of years. Reading about his sorrows and the things that would make him happy. Knowing when he is depressed. Reading about his hopes and dreams, being afraid to think about life out here, being free, too much. He doesn’t have much to compare it too. He doesn’t know what he will do, except that he has a yearning to be free.  But what happens after he is free, when he has no idea what to do? How does one walk down the sidewalk, free to go where they want after so many years of having to ask to do anything, and always there is someone waiting to do him harm.  Always having to be on…

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