They’re Gone Now, What Will We Do?

Hopefully yo and i will be the next generation sages

Uncommon Graces

Fragment #62 (Batter Up!)

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  1. There is another sage I’d like to introduce you to: Daisaku Ikeda. I will leave you with two examples of his words of wisdom:

    ” Win where you are now. Develop yourself in the context of everyday life. This is the true meaning of ‘faith manifests itself in daily life.” This holds true for whatever faith you say you believe. If you say you are a . . . ., and yet it doesn’t affect the way you live your life, it is pointless. (my words)

    ” When confronted with a difficult situation it is essential that we maintain a strong life force that will allow us to bear up under the pressure and pain and clear a path to the future.”

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