Awesome article about social media. No one could have said it better


I love this video! I think you have to laugh a lot (even at yourself). I have had sponsored posts, but I thought my author page was more a support page than a fan page. Maybe this explains why a couple of my “friends” declined the invitation. They must have thought I was asking for worship. I don’t mind anyone’s humble brags either. It’s fun to celebrate another’s joy. Even the mini vents are okay if they are, in fact, mini, and not another sanctimonious rant.

Facebook is a double-edged sword, though, and my least favorite of the networking sites. For one thing, the people I am closest to either don’t have a Facebook account or don’t spend much time on Facebook. I don’t blame them.

Yes, I know, it’s free. No one’s forcing you to sign up or to have it as part of your platform. Although marketing experts…

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