There is Much We Take For Granted, Being Free

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

Sonni’s note: So often when I reread his letters it is like I’m reading them for the first time. Never in my life have exchanged hundreds of letters with one person continually over a span of years. Reading about his sorrows and the things that would make him happy. Knowing when he is depressed. Reading about his hopes and dreams, being afraid to think about life out here, being free, too much. He doesn’t have much to compare it too. He doesn’t know what he will do, except that he has a yearning to be free.  But what happens after he is free, when he has no idea what to do? How does one walk down the sidewalk, free to go where they want after so many years of having to ask to do anything, and always there is someone waiting to do him harm.  Always having to be on…

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Inside The Forbidden Outside . . . I Have a Dream

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

insideOut,inside the forbidden outside,injustice system,Jamie Cummings,racism is alive and well,stand your ground,white privilege Inside the Forbidden Outside

I have a dream of what my life will be, of what Jamie Cummings life can be, and I will fight from today to make it better. Because I know, if you believe in me, that dream can be your dream, too.

All people are equal and racism is no more. Is that a dream we can turn into reality? I know it takes many people to make that dream come true. It being equal is against all odds, given our history, but do we have to give in to that? Do we have to continue what our ancestors started? Do we want to survive as a species with so much negativity in our hearts?

I have a dream, my book, that I pour my heart and life into, that up until today has had the working title of InsideOut , ( first chapter) was changed…

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Peeling the Onion (and I don’t mean food!)

A very deep and critical thinking article

Sonni Quick

peelingOnionphoto credit

I have spent most of my adult life studying human nature. There is a reason why we are the way we are. Why we react to life the way we do, and there is a reason why it’s so hard to react differently to something when we want to so much. When it’s too late. We realize too late and tell ourselves,

“I wish I had not said that, done that, reacted that way”
“I wish I had kept my mouth shut. Why do I always react like this?”
“Why does so -and-so always make me mad and I lose my temper?”

The next time a similar thing happens, we react the same way whether we want to or not. We can’t stop ourselves. It’s part of our nature.

So why do we do it? Why can’t we can’t change ourselves and change the way we do…

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